About the Creators

          We are Mo.Na. Gems, and we have a solution to reducing plastic waste in the fashion industry. We have developed earrings from bioplastic -- Mo.Na. gems look like synthetic plastic and come in trendy shapes, but are 100% biodegradable. When discarded, our gems will break down into its original and natural components, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Through our gems we strive to protect Mother Earth.
          Mo.Na was born out of our college house kitchens. The founders are Mecca McDonald and Mia Dunn, two Johns Hopkins Alumni.  We are artists driven by passion and curiosity with a dream of building a better world. Mo.Na stands for Mother Nature. In light of how polluting the fashion industry is, we chose this name because we wanted to bring awareness to how important the earth is and why when buying something it’s important to give back to the earth. Accessories made out of biodegradable materials has never been done before. But the time has come. 
         One of our goals is to influence the world's perception of fashion and how what we buy impacts the earth, even after we die. We want to encourage the fashion world to be more eco-friendly while being modern, cute, and fun. We want people to feel more responsible about the world they live in and to feel good about consciously choosing to be more eco friendly. There is a dynamic of give and take here, and we want people to be more conscious of how they give back to Mother Nature. 






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