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About Mo.Na.

We make biodegradable accessories to make sustainability fun and approachable. Take a look around our page to learn about us and how our products are 100% biodegradable.

Blog posts

  • My Introduction to Thrifting

      Written by Maddy Kye I did not go thrifting for the first time until I was sixteen. I received hand-me-downs from relatives and neighbors, I shopped clearance and sales, but I did not thrift. Ingrained in me was this...

  • What is Greenwashing

    Is Greenwashing bad or are we just making a big deal about it? Before we can decide if greenwashing is bad, we need to understand what greenwashing means. According to Investopedia Greenwashing is a marketing process when a company falsely...

  • The Tea about Fast Fashion

    So why are we buying from fast fashion brands again? Let's begin by defining “fast fashion”. Fast fashion is a method where a brand tries to makes their clothing as fashionable, trendy, and affordable in the eyes of the consumer. Okay,...