Fast Fashion is Killing Us


Everything is a give and take. In our world of convenience, it's quite easy to forget the giving part. When you go to the mall to buy a new shirt you don't really consider how the shirt got there. We're all absorbed in keeping up with the newest trends.  According to Evolving Personal Finance,  on average, Americans buy more than one garment per week, averaging more than 52 for the year. Fast fashion has transformed the fashion season calendar from the traditional two seasons of spring/summer and fall/winter to an overwhelming 52 micro seasons. This is a consequence of cheaper clothing and fashion trends

The fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter of clean water and the apparel industry is responsible for ten percent of carbon emission. The fast fashion industry is second only to oil in pollution.

From the fabric to the production of clothing, the entire fast fashion industry is extremely harmful. This industry produces overwhelming CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. Fast fashion pollutes Earth's water. It takes about 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton shirt. Clothing can take as long as 200 years to decompose 

Most clothing is not recycled or donated after someone is done with it, rather clothing is dumped or gets incinerated