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  • Fast Fashion during this Pandemic

    · By Michelle Mokaya

    With several months spent quarantined, attitudes about fashion are changing. What does this mean now? What does this mean moving forward?
  • The Future of Fashion

    · By Mia Dunn

    Leather bags made from Mushrooms. Textiles made from Algae. 

  • Fast Fashion is Killing Us

    · By Mecca McDonald

      Everything is a give and take. In our world of convenience, it's quite easy to forget the giving part. When you go to the mall to buy a new shirt you don't really consider how the shirt got there. We're all absorbed in keeping up with the newest trends.  According to Evolving Personal Finance,  on average, Americans buy more than one garment per week, averaging more than 52 for the year. Fast fashion has transformed the fashion season calendar from the traditional two seasons of spring/summer and fall/winter to an overwhelming 52 micro seasons. This is a consequence of...