Care Instructions

Wearing your Gems

Mo.Na. Gems are made using 100% biodegradable materials. Our bioplastic is a plastic that will degrade when exposed to microorganisms. Our product is 100% stable and has great mechanical properties similar to that of traditional plastic, but will decompose when discarded the way mother nature intended.

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Our products are water resistant, but in order to preserve their Mo.Na. magic, it is recommended that you handle them with care and do not expose them to large amounts of moisture.

Since our Gems are made from organic material, exposing them to excessive moisture will start and accelerate the decomposition process. To avoid this, if your gems get wet, make sure to dry them off!

Avoid wearing your gems in the following situations:

  • When practicing sports, in order to avoid impacts and scratches.
  • In moist environments.
  • The shower.
  • When sleeping. Let your gems sleep peacefully in the flower bed we carefully designed for you.

Storing your Gems

It's best to store your gems in the container that you received them to help preserve their quality and integrity.


To preserve the brilliance of your gems, special care must be given to them. We recommend that you notify us if anything happens to your gems so we can send you a replacement.

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