About Our Products

Mo. Na. Gems has a mission of normalizing sustainable jewelry to show that it can be just as trendy & cute as resin jewelry. Not only does resin jewelry contribute to plastic pollution, it is also harmful to human health when making these resin pieces at home! 

We use 100% natural, vegan, and nontoxic ingredients to craft our gems. We spent several months experimenting with different formulas until we found something with good aesthetic and mechanical properties. Our gems however, are not single use. They are relatively stable and will only decompose when exposed to microorganisms / water for an extended period of time. What this means is that our gems can degrade in landfills, be thrown out, and are compostable. No matter how you discard of them, they will break down. Isn't that so cool?!

Watch our plastic biodegrade here.

What is a bioplastic?

Bioplastics are materials produced from renewable biomass sources. Our particular bioplastic is starch based and 100% biodegradable!

 Is your product durable? Does your product last long? Will it fall apart easily?

Watch us test the durability of Mo.Na. products here.

Our Gems are not single use. The product is 100% stable, durable, feels, and acts like regular plastic as long as you take care of it! The product is water resistant but we don't recommend exposing it to water for long periods of time. 

Do your products grow mold easily? 

No, they only grow mold if you expose them to microorganism like the ones found in trash. 

How can you prove that your products are biodegradable?

We had some of our gems backyard composted by a third party! You can see the process here.        

Our gems look like synthetic plastic, but are 100% biodegradable. We use a unique starch-based bioplastic to create our gems. Click the image below to learn more in depth about the science behind our product!


If you have any questions about our research, feel free to contact us!  


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