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Please support our scale

We began prototyping in the summer of 2020 and there were lots of failures in the beginning. But after 7 months of countless trials, we finally had a breakthrough and created something we were excited to share with the world!
We decided to work on Mo.Na. full time after graduating because we believe that our product can change the world in a positive way but we can’t do it without your help.
We have experienced a lot of growth in the past few months since working on Mo.Na. almost every day. We now have a combined following of over 120,000 and a reach of over four million across Tik Tok and Instagram. With this growth, we have seen an increase in demand for our products. Currently, our products are being handmade in Mia’s kitchen. In order to keep up with demand and expand, we need to build an in-house production facility and grow our team.
 We have big dreams for where we imagine Mo.Na. to be in the next five years and this is just a small step to getting us there. We want Mo.Na. to be the Nike of sustainability. This is a pivotal time for us and we need your help to scale production if we want to continue on this journey of revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Here's our budget breakdown:

$20,000 will be used for manufacturing so we can keep up with demand as we grow our business.

$10,000 will be used for research and development. This includes improving our product and further documenting its biodegradability.

$12,500 will be used for custom molds so we can offer better designs and attract a wider audience.

Here’s our research. You can read more here as well.